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cuckold humiliation

Cuckold humiliation – My wife is taken by a well endowed black man!

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Interracial Cuckold

Humiliation has always been a big part of it for us. Even before we were married my wife slept with other men. All of her girlfriends knew that she would never be faithful to me. She has ensured that I will remain faithful to her. I’m usually in a chastity device and always in panties. cuckold humiliation most of our friends know this is a constant source of teasing and embarasmentcuckold humiliation

22 thoughts on “Cuckold humiliation – My wife is taken by a well endowed black man!

  1. MY cuckold will only get pussy when he eats my creampie or when some bull slides his bbc up in his hot ass pussy.

  2. Hey so what Why should you care what people say seems like you like the relationship if you were willing to put up with her before you got married. and then married her If you are turned on by her fucking black guys tell her and poss join in you will love it and it will make your relationship stronger

  3. Nice wording NYC is a place I think you should visit. And when you get here call me for you, and we can show your hubby how it’s done A BBC in your pussy would be the trick.

  4. Nice wording NYC is a place I think you should visit. And when you get here call me for you, and we can show your hubby how it’s done A BBC in your pussy would be the trick.

  5. It is fastly becoming an earned privilege for the white boys when it comes to getting pussy these days. The black guys hold this advantage and it continues to get stronger, as it should be and that is the way they like it.

    All it really takes is one black power fucking to turn a white girl into a black dick craving sex toy for black and that too is the way they like it and again, as it should be.

  6. i/We just want to thank each of you who have shared our Wives giving then the raw hard cock they so rickly deserve.
    My Wife thanks you – i Her loving hubby – thank you

  7. I first gave my wife to a superior young Black
    stud 3 yrs ago. God it was incredible watching them
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    course sexually. Much to my wifes delight
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  8. I love being dominated. Humiliation excites me no end. I love wearing my wife’s pink laced trimmed panties and my little bra which she had me buy and tell the sales lady that it was for me. I also am in a chastity device but not all the time. Her black studs tie me up and will not let me jerk off until I suck their cock. I am on an allowance and do all the housework. They have taken lots of pics of me so I am beautifully and most happily trapped!


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