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    Although my wife and I have been involved in the lifestyle for several years I have never been able to talk her into fucking a young stud, she has always wanted her bull to be closer to her age of 55. Finally last month my wish came true when she met a young black hottie at a bar downtown. He was 19 and very good looking, almost beautiful for a man. They danced a bit and he sat with us for a few drinks. Without boring you with details he ended up back at our place where my wife quickly began kissing him and letting him feel her up. He loved kissing her and sucking her breasts and she became very hot for him. My greatest desire was realized when he felt his crotch and exclaimed, "OMG, he's huge!" She undid his his belt and zip and reached in to find a beautiful 12" cock which was rock hard and ready to go. She has had big cocks before, but with lots of black men, they are so big, they never get hard a steel, sort of semi-hard. Not so with this stud. He was like granite. She stroked his long shaft which wasn't as thick as many of them, but that would make it easier for her to take in any case. I rubbed my own dick as I watched her suck his enormous tool which reached up well past his navel. My wife was so excited as this was definitely the biggest cock she'd ever seen, much less experienced. She began by straddling him so she could control the depth of penetration but soon she was riding him and taking most of his amazing manhood deep inside her pussy. My cock was straining at the site but I was careful not to cum too soon. Once she was used to him she let him come between her legs and mount her. Then the fucking started. He slid in and out of her with fast, deep thrusts making her scream and moan like never before. She was clearly loving every minute and every inch of this and so was I. The young stud had a ton of energy and he fucked my wife so vigorously that I though she would pass out. I lost count of the number of times she came before he finally buried himself deep deep inside her and released his load. He lay back and I looked on in amazement at his spent cock which lay like a snake across his stomach. Honestly I wanted to suck him myself but my wife doesn't know that part of me. I did lick her pussy though and tasted his seed as he ran out of her. In less that ten minutes her young stud was hard again and wanted more. I got out of his way and he took my wife on another big cock adventure. This time I couldn't hold off and shot my little load onto the bed sheets, but they didn't even notice. My wife loved this guy and I know he'll be back for more. Lots more.

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  2. Tammy&Gary

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    Some things happen and just shouldn't be questioned.When my wife was in her twenties,she fucked a lot men in their thirtys and forties.Now,she's in her forties and most of her men are in their thirtys.Twentys may be next.I don't care,as long as they fuck her good and keep her happy.
  3. wanabecucked

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    My wife says she wants to be fucked by a 20 yr old.
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  4. mywhitewifewantsbbc

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    my wife is 35 and is being fucked by a 22 year old black guy
  5. MWC4BLK

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    Mine has has some young black guys, says she LOVES to break them in!!!
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  6. CuckoldCouple

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    One of my wife's first affairs was with a young stud half her age.
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  7. John Boy

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    Same here my wife is 56 and fucks bulls that are early twenties she says they can fuck longer and more times and have huge loads of cum.
  8. paulj93

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    older white wives nearly all seem to crave young black cock
  9. jewishwife

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    My first was a 19 year old thug. He created a black cock addict. At the time I was 53.
  10. WIcouple

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    Mrs loves younger men. Most are in their 20's or early 30's. She enjoys the stamina and enthusiasm. She really loves how quickly they recover to go again!
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