Black-Owned Mom & Daughter Pt. 3

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    Jessie continues her on-going saga involving her and her mom being 'Black-Owned' by a pimp whom her father owes money to. Last time, her and her mom were invited to a party with other white women there and were they were to be ravished by other black studs. For more regarding the previous tale, follow the link below:
    I don’t know how long the marathon went, but onward it went. One of the men had me straddling him on the floor. There I was rocking my ass back and forth on his cock when another black figure came behind me and pushed me to fall forward on the man’s chest. This other man rubbed his fingers on my anal hole; his hand was oily. Too late I realised what was about to happen.

    “Oh no! No ... please don’t –”

    It was no use. The man on whom I straddled held me down tight while his colleague crouched over my back and searched out my tiny puckered asshole with his cock’s head. Finding it, he thrust it slowly inside. I screamed my pain, my body tensed as I felt the tip of his cock puncture right through. I wrapped myself around the man beneath me, nearly passing out from the searing pain that had just enveloped my ass. Though the pain didn’t last for long, and with it came some measure of enjoyment. The man didn’t thrust any deeper into me, seeing that I was still a virgin in that area. He and the man below moved in gentle rhythm, giving me the best of both worlds with their large pricks. I kept on screaming “OhmiGod!-OhmiGod!-OhmiGod! ...” in an unending litany of high moans as they pounded me either way. By the time the one behind me retrieved his cock from my ass, I had reached a second orgasm. The one that was below me grasped my ass and began fucking me fast time he came, shooting his load of seed all the way inside my cunt. I slipped off from him and lay there on the thick carpet, breathing deeply.

    Mom was being fucked hard and good from behind while she had her lips locked on the pussy of one of the other women’s pussy. The other woman – the wavery-blonde loud screamer – lay sprawled on the couch, caressing Mom’s thick red hair and moaning while she did. The man fucking Mom smacked her ass repeatedly and hurled swear words at her, calling her foul names and tell her to go on and work her ass. Feeling some bit of strength come to me I went over crawled under Mom’s body. The sight of the man’s cock thrusting back and forth inside Mom’s pussy was such a lovely sight. I wished I had a camera right then to take a snapshot of it, along with the tattoo she’d made on her crotch.
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    love this

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