White MILF goes black

White MILF goes black . In good shape through yoga and Zumba class, gets a lot of the term MILF directed at her.
Looks like a sweet librarian on the outside, but underneath has a ferocious sexual appetite. She is rather submissive in the bedroom…usually. And has a secret desire for black men.
She loves sucking cock. She loves feeling a growing member in her mouth and says it has always been a major turn-on, knowing she is getting him all excited.
She has a fantasy to please a big black athlete, a football player or a basketball player. She says imagining a black cock sliding into her pink pussy lips is a major turn-on and has had multiple orgasms, masturbating the thought of a big black cock fucking her.
One night while out with her friends, she met a fit young black guy. She took him up on his offer for drinks and ended up going home with him to live out her sexual fantasies.
The evening was filled with positions and orgasms. The sight of his naked body and dark skin against hers was a turn on. She could not wait to go down on his big black shaft and swallow every last drop of his massive load. She was surprised by how often he could cum and how often he could make her cum. She spent the night moaning and gasping for air between shouts of delight and pure ecstasy. She had tried anal with others but this was the first time she came while someone fucked her ass.
She can’t wait to try it again.
White MILF goes black (more…)

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Had two for my first IR experience

Was a day out in London that ended up with me and two black guys. Me and my partner got chatting to the two guys in a pub, my partner and one of them went to the restroom at the same time, when they came back they were both laughing, I asked what was so funny, and the black guy said that my partner had just discovered that it was true about black guys, I said that was a myth and they were winding me up. My partner said Petra its true, I said that they were full of BS, they said they would prove it given a chance.my first IR experience (more…)

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My busty white mom

Im a white guy , I’ve noticed that from a few years ago my mom had secret boyfriends while she is still married to my dad …meanwhile i started watching interracial porn which white moms were banging black dudes in front of their sons or daughters ..then i find out that my mom bf’s are white guys too….i was disappointed because
the thing is:
I LOVE watching my Busty white mom Go black… She is 42..she is a redhead woman with a Greek background , I recon a CUCKOLD considering ‘boyfriends’ and the DILDOS that i found in her room and her body type is totally perfect ..super big boobs Size E ..and a big ass and i’m sure her vagina is still tight ..considering my dads penis is small …
lots of you might think i’m weird but since i started watching interracial porn…i’ve been dreaming to see my mom with 3-4 black guys in her own bed and screaming that they stretching her white pussy …and getting cream pie form all of them at the end.
and i want to record her while she is getting black cucks in her.
without my father finding out about it unless she is black breeding.

this is one of my biggest dream !! AND SOMETIME I Wish my mom would tell me that she doesnt know who my dad is coz i was made out of 5 black guys cuming inside her …its my everyday dream to see her banging black guys
please if know what to do share it with me
msg me if u prefer !
My busty white mom (more…)

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It all happened so fast

It all happened so fast! We were at a hotel dancing. A black guy asked my wife to dance. He started feeling her up and she was on fire with passion. We went to our hotel room and he took control of both of us. He tied us up, used us sexually for hours and took lots of pictures. He told us that if we did not do exactly what he said the pictures would be on the web. He moved in with us, keeps us as his sex slaves and we pay him. My wife and I are in chastity and get so horny that we will do anything g to get release. He sells us to other black men and we are now totally his forever.
It all happened so fast

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Master for white wife

Master had been teasing Allison the white mother of two who he had hired as his new secretary, for weeks about his sexual prowess and stamina as he was twice her age she took it in good humour and would flirt back, but now as his cock spewed forth his cum on to her tongue it had gone to far to stop, it was she who had told him to put up or shut up and he told her if she got on her knees he would jerk it off in front of her and if he came and stayed hard who would get to fuck her. What seemed like just a bit of fun turned serious quickly as she knelt in f ront of him the size and colour of his cock had her hot but the smell overwhelmed her senses when she saw he was close she opened her mouth and moved up to meet it, she had to get his cock in her mouth, not to taste his cum that was secondary to her thoughts what she need was to be fucked by that thing and she was going to keep it hard or keep sucking it until it was hard again.
Master for white wife

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The Mark Of A Queen Of Spades…

I traveled to the beach on a Sunday (about 2 hours away) for a friend’s 70th birthday party.

Pet sent a few pictures of himself tied up for me, to remind me of my ownership and his need for me. I drew a small spade on my left breast, just inside the normal coverage area of my tank top, and sent him pictures through the day, to tease him, and keep his mind on our upcoming date with a BBC bull on Wednesday.

"Do you see it, my Pet?"

"Yes, My Queen."

"What is it, my Pet?"

"A symbol of your strength. Your power over me. Your desire for other men."

"Are you excited, my Pet?"

"Oh yes. Wednesday can’t come fast enough for me."The Mark Of A Queen Of Spades...

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I’m a married white gal and my husband has tinny cock

I’m a married white gal and my husband has tinny cock! I never wanted him near my pussy with his little thing. I wanted a man with a large dick and balls. I went out with a friend of mine to a club and I was hit upon many times, then one black guy said that I was going to dance with him, he just grabbed me and we danced a slow dance together. He put his huge hands all over me and it turned me on.He didn’t ask I was told he was taking me to his place, and we left. My friend left with another another girl. I was alone and taken to his place and used all night it was beautiful, I felt free!
He called the next day and I told him I was married but he had a little boy dick, he didn’t care he was coming over to our place tonight all I could say is OK. He brought a beautiful friend and explained she was one of his sluts. She was a vet and very charming, and she was along to fix my husband. Jake was my new friend and he found my husband and dragged hi sorry ass to the basement and tied him down on an old table. I was told by his friend that my life would be very different from now on. We were instructed to come down stairs, we saw my husband naked and tied up.Jake instructed his friend to cut off this guys puny nuts. She was done in about 15 minutes, Jake then smashed my husbands balls on the floor with his shoes. We all live in my house because its a huge house and I’m one of 4 of Jake’s favorite sluts. Husband works full time and he takes care of all us girls, house and Jake plus we all work. Shelly one of us 4 is pregnant by one of Jake’s friends.
my husband has tinny cock

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I don’t know how to feel about this

My wife of 3 years is cheating on me with multiple black men. I didnt think anything of her “4 hour grocery shopping trips” or phone calls at nite and suddenly leaving because one of her friends is having a “crisis”. Just recently she got a text saying a friend of hers “got into a car accident” and she’s going to help her. She then got in the shower which i thought was strange. She got another text when she was in the shower. I looked at her cell and it was unlocked. I read the text. It was from “Dominos Pizza” but it looks like a booty call. Apparently she was fucking around yesterday too. She was supposed to be with her cousin going clothes shopping for her new baby.

I went through the pictures and saw videos and pics of her fucking black guys. I felt like I got punched in the gut. I emailed some of the pics and vids to myself and put the cell back. After she left I went through the pics and vids again. I don’t know what came over me but I started jerking off to them. I must have jerked off at least 3 times.

I then started looking up cheating wives with black guys. I came to this site. Help me understand. I love her and hate her at the same time. I cant stand the thought that shes fucking someone else right now but yet Im turned on by it.

I don't know how to feel about this (more…)

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