Mexican Wife

Here is an old convoy.
me: what if we go to a hotel room one night baby
and i blind fold u and bring one in and start having u suck it what would u do
11:42 PM Lisa: i would suck it baby
id get it rockhard

me: would that turn u on baby
11:45 PM lickin on a strange black dick
11:46 PM Lisa: it sure would baby
11:47 PM me: what would u let him do to u baby
Lisa: anything that felt good
11:48 PM me: would u want to swallow that cum baby
11:49 PM and feel his hard black dick inside u
Lisa: i sure would everysingle drop
11:50 PM me: u fingering yourself thinkin about big black dick baby
11:51 PM Lisa: i am baby
it sounds so good

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My gf wants a BBC

We have been talking about her becoming blacked many time and she told me she’s finally ready and so am i the only thing i ask is if u fuck her i get to watch while you fuck her she also wants me to watch she seems really excited she has been trying to talk to black guys with big cocks but with the cocks being big we have been having issues finding a big oneMy gf wants a BBCMy gf wants a BBC (more…)

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Fulfilling My Boyfriends Fantasy

My boyfriend has been wanting me to sleep with other men, and have him watch and participate. His only rule is that they can’t be bigger than him. But what he doesn’t know, is the thought of getting destroyed by a thick strong black cock makes me so wet. I’m getting horny now thinking of showing him what you guys say you want to do to me.Fulfilling My Boyfriends Fantasy (more…)

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I would like to know If you hit this?

Hey, this is my wife of many years. I have fantasy of a black stud drilling the hell out of her. I have talked to her about it but she is not interested. The funny thing is we were talking about BBC the other night and when i asked to check her pussy it was completely wet. If you are reading this tell me what you dod to my wife . would you be interested in having sex with my wife? Would you fuck her till the both of you couldn’t any more? lol. I really would like to hear your story maybe by me telling my wife these stories this she will motivate her.I would like to know If you hit this?

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BBC vacation

After they left the airport, the three Jamacians took her to a cottage just outside of town. They partied and did some smoke and then undressed her. The three blacks undresssed also and all three had ridgid black cocks ready to pounce. The daughter was frightened at first but the blacks were gentle and only touched and feeled her white body.

The two new Jamacians were even blacker than her man that she had sex with before. Their black bodies shined in the lights from the town as they sat on the deck at night. Her main man took her inside and held her head as he pushed his black into her lips. She almost choked on his large manhood but sucked until he shot his load in her mouth. She washed her mouth out as another Jamacian came in and pulled her onto the bed. His charcoal cock was almost 10 inches and he slowly pressed it into her vagina. “Please don’t, it’s too big,” she pleaded. The big black man was not to be refused. After a couple of minutes, he had over half of his black meat in her. She could feel the veins of his big black cock rubbing her vagina walls. It was mind boggling. Her vagina was being stretched as she had never witnessed.

His cock stiffened ever harder and she could feel to explosion of his cum shooting into her nimble white body. A massive amount was invading her loins…her small white legs rose and shook as an orgasm shot through her. She was again the slave and victum of black lust.

Her legs became limp as she felt the weight of a very black body on top of her. He kept his semi-hard cock in her for a few minutes…draining all the bodily fluids he had to spew. Her bottom was packed with black Jmacian spunk. As he pulled out, cum poured out of her vagina. The third Jamacian was now very horny for this white maiden and lasted no time sticking his black cok in her loins. He only lasted a few minutes but drained his black lizard into her also.

All three had her again in the morning. She was blacked for the next six days and would never be the same. After returning hom, she felt her belly swell and knew that she had been seeded with a black baby.

Several months later, her younger sister traveled to Jamacia with their mom. Her mother orgasamed as she watched the black stud pour ounces of cum into her innocent white daughter.

Her small white legs lay motionless on the bed absorbing the black cum. Her nimble body had become the victum of black lust. Her mother had enjoyed the deflowering of her daughter. She knew that her daughter would be just as the rest of the family…..slaves to black lust.

BBC vacation

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Real slut wife

My name is Sarah Greig. I am an elementary teacher here in Southern California. I am currently married to a wonderful husband (we’re both Caucasian). My confession is that I have a black lover on the side with my husband’s encouragement. My husband, who shall remain nameless, and I have been in a cuckolding relationship for less than a year now. We are pretty much newbie to all things kinky, but I had sensed he wasn’t really pleased with our sex life. We had been happily married for three years, until the ‘newlywed’ years started to wear off, as had the sex portion of our relationship. Communication was the one constant that we have shared through our our marriage, and through that we discovered the notion of cuckolding.

Within the same dimensions of being average, he has not been the best of keeping himself physically fit for me— which hurts when people are trying to experience new things with each other. The lack of lovemaking, moreover passion, had taken a toll on our romance and the sentiments were being spilled on the other parts of our relationship. We took the drastic step, as I would call it, of opening the Pandora’s door of mutual shared fantasies, and essentially went step by step to where we are now. When my husband first introduced to his secret ‘fetish’ by way of sex toys, ebooks, pornography, and other information websites, he was essentially began asking me about my ex lovers, all had been African American. I have always fantasized by having being sexually active with black men, beginning all the way from high school. Once my husband explained he wanted me to take on a ‘hotwife’ lifestyle, essentially giving me the freedom to be sexually active with whomever I wanted to be, I took it in stride. Believe me once my husband and I were finishing the thrust of beginning our first real sexual encounter with black man, I knew we would never be the same again.
Real slut wife

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Ass for you

When I married you I knew you were kind of pussy but I had no idea just how much of a pussy until you found out I was fucking D’Marcus. Instead of leaving me like a real man would do you got on your knees and started kissing my ass just like you’re doing now and you wanted me to tell you all about it…his big black dick, how he owns my pussy. Now you get to watch him fucking me while you kneel by our bed jacking off into those pretty pink panties he makes you wear. It’s ok though. I like that you’re a little pussy. I get a pretty little white boi to fluff me and cook and clean for me and I get to be pounded into submission by an actual man…the best of both worlds…
Ass for you (more…)

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My Ex’s Daughter

I use to date this woman who was good lookin, but when she introduced me to her 20 yr old daughter, I could barely pay any attention to her at all. Her daughter in my eyes was and is a solid ten. She extremely shy too, which is so hot. With her always dyin her hair and what not, I fantasize about her bein kinky as hell in the sheets. I went on her laptop one day she wasn’ around and found a website or blog she post pictures of herself on. Ever since her mom and I split up, I jerk off and think of slammin’ my black cock deep in between her soft pale white legs. She got huge perfect lookin tits, and eyes that could pierce steel. You brotha’s agree?
My Ex's Daughter (more…)

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She moans about how good

She moans about how good his hard, black cock feels, but l’m not so sure! I mean, I know my wife loves black men! She made that clear almost immediately after we got married, right at our wedding reception when she danced with, and later fucked, the all-black band she hired! And of all the black dudes she’s fucked… well, their cocks are WAY bigger than mine, so I know her reactions are genuine: she loves fucking black men! It’s just like now: is she REALLY in an orgasmic frenzy from just tit fucking his shaft, or is it just for show to get me both humbled and humiliated, yet aroused at the same time!
I’ll tell ya, the sight of his dark hands groping her milky white breasts is enough for me to lose it..
moans about how good (more…)

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