My Ex’s Daughter

I use to date this woman who was good lookin, but when she introduced me to her 20 yr old daughter, I could barely pay any attention to her at all. Her daughter in my eyes was and is a solid ten. She extremely shy too, which is so hot. With her always dyin her hair and what not, I fantasize about her bein kinky as hell in the sheets. I went on her laptop one day she wasn’ around and found a website or blog she post pictures of herself on. Ever since her mom and I split up, I jerk off and think of slammin’ my black cock deep in between her soft pale white legs. She got huge perfect lookin tits, and eyes that could pierce steel. You brotha’s agree?
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She moans about how good

She moans about how good his hard, black cock feels, but l’m not so sure! I mean, I know my wife loves black men! She made that clear almost immediately after we got married, right at our wedding reception when she danced with, and later fucked, the all-black band she hired! And of all the black dudes she’s fucked… well, their cocks are WAY bigger than mine, so I know her reactions are genuine: she loves fucking black men! It’s just like now: is she REALLY in an orgasmic frenzy from just tit fucking his shaft, or is it just for show to get me both humbled and humiliated, yet aroused at the same time!
I’ll tell ya, the sight of his dark hands groping her milky white breasts is enough for me to lose it..
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Travel away from home

I really feel bad when I have to travel away from home for too long.
My wife insists that she’ II be fine. She says that she just likes to have a quiet night with some wine and that she ’ II find something to amuse her. I ’ m so lucky to have her! I really owe her big time for being so understanding…
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Blow job for Black Cock

When I wound up giving Master head after our first date, he started to expect it.

We’d go to a movie or he’d tip the doorman at a club and we’d go dancing (he had to sneak me in because I was still in high school). About midnight, he’d get this smile on his face when he looked at me and I’d know he was ready to leave. Sometimes, we’d drive to a secluded spot and I’d blow him in the car. When his roommate wasn’t home we’d go to his apartment, but regardless, I’d wind up with his big cock in my mouth and him teasing me about what a “good white cocksucker” his girlfriend was.

Later, he started picking me up after school so I could “help a brotha out..” Before he moved on to another slut, I must blown him a thousand times and swallowed gallons of his cum. I got quite a reputation among his friends for my skills at oral sex. I learned to love being known as the white girl who knows how to give a blow job.
Master was so proud of me that he’d share me with his friends from time to time. Once, I spent Super Bowl Sunday at his apartment and wound up blowing five gorgeous black guys. I still can’t believe I swallowed that much cum! I’m dating a white boy now, but I still can’t forget Master. I loved pleasing him.

Blow job for Black Cock

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Your wife finally agreed

You just stood there transfixed by the sight in front of you. After fifteen years of marriage your wife finally agreed to bring another person into the bedroom. As you watched her lips caress the black cock and the symbol of her unending love on her left hand glisten in the light as it went up and down this strange man’s sex, you felt a warm wetness in your jeans. Don’t worry, you’ll get even more excited when she climbs on top of him. Too bad she won’t let you join in, because after getting the fuck of her life from him, she may never be satisfied by you again …
wife finally agreed

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why is the attraction so strong?

I’ve had a bad day because any day you start to truely doubt yourself is a bad one.
I feel like I play with fire everytime I come here, yet, everyday I find myself back here again. I find myself having the same thoughts and giving myself the same reminders I always do. I love my husband, my marriage, my family and I love them all deeply. For the protection, security and love they give me. yet here I sit, in the ealry hours, typing out my frustraitions again. Trying to assure myself once again Feeling like a cheater, a liar and a horrible person. Rinse repeat. All in the name of bbc. Something I have never had. Something that isonly for a pleasure, guaranteed to wreck me mentally and for all I know, physically.

What is it? what is the pull? In my life I have absolutely everything I could need. So why is something that I merely desire becoming such a disruptive force on my psyche ? Why does it keep a woman up, out of her husbands bed? out of the fields of vision of her children?

Some days I just wonder who the real me is
why is the attraction so strongwhy is the attraction so strong

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