This is my ex gf…I have shared her with many guys…causcians , black and even indians….

She is very petite…at 35…she just looks tastefullu nice……she has become sex crazy..and loves to go to clubs …just a a one night stand…
her pussy being pump and fucked many many time…is still very tight…because she take good attention of her body and pussy …she regulary takes "herbal" drink to keep her pussy fresh clean and tight…
This is my ex gf...I have shared her with many guys...causcians , black and even indians.... (more…)

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Gf talking about size

I know my gf used to date a black guy a couple of years ago and all her favorite celebs guys are black. Once when we first started dating she made the comment that ” there is no such thing as too big, it just may take more time to work with it”. I’m assuming her black be was big.
Am I safe assuming she has had a dick bigger then mine?
How do I start the idea I want to hear about her getting fucked by her ex with bbc?
Why I prefer black cock

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Teacher Gets BBC

Hot milf teacher gets taught a lesson after school by bbc.
My girlfriend at the time worked late for a week to tutor and finish classroom projects. She mentioned how she liked a black man at her school. She divorced for for years and followed her desire to experience lesbian love and sex.
She described her co worker as a miscular man, 6’5" and wanted to try bbc.
Well the second day she wore her long skirt, silky blouse, matching black see through bra, thongs and stockings, heels. She did her make up and fixed her hair.
That night she invited him to conversate which ended up her making her move. She gave him a blow job while he fingered her until she came hard soaking her thongs and stocking in pussy juice. His dick was 14" long and to thick that she could only get his head.
The next night late, she got fucked by his dick. She said he raised her skirt ripped open her blouse and ripper her bra off and she liked it rough. Then he ripped her pantyhose and tore her panty under her hose. He then slipped his dick inside her and fucked her that he came two times. She said she orgasimed many times and squirted on her desk and him. He came inside her and then shoot his load in her mouth and tits, face. She came home with torn clothes and her juicy stained ripped clothes with her cum and his she was sore from getting fucked in her pussy amd forcing herself to take his long dick in her mouth. She married him. This is a pic he took and sent to my phone
Teacher Gets BBC

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Question for girls

Question for girls. I have coworker, she is divorced and now seeing 2 black guys. She told me about amazing time she has with them… So she was the one to tell me about it, and her guys later gave me small introduction… My husband doesn’t know. I did let guys cum in me twice, but was really scared… How did you get first experience with BBC ? Does your husband know?

I dated white guys in high school and early years of college. In my sophmore year I slept with my first black guy and we dated until he graduated. He was a great lover. I’m still single…always have been and kind of like it this way. Although from time to time the thought of settling down and having children crosses my mind….then I quickly come to my senses! lol. With out sitting down and addinging it up (that sounds so CPA) I think it is around 11 not including my vacation three weeks ago.

Question for girls (more…)

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