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BBC loving happy white Milf

Actually, ALL wives are built for black men. MILFs are of course the most ready for BBC. But other women can be brought to that capability level, with proper conditioning. When I was working out of state, my girlfriend called up to say she’d given in to her curiosity and got laid by an black co-worker with a huge cock. I wasn’t too surprised. I just figured her time had come. When I returned home a few weeks later, she continued seeing this guy because he wanted to prepare her for something. I thought, well okay, let’s see what that’s supposed to mean. A month later, he took her to a party and let three of his friends take turns on her. Though they were even bigger than her first black dude, she was able to take them (and later, other black men) like an accomplished whore. Her ex-husband wouldn’t have believed what an experienced bull had made her into.
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Asian wife almost ready

Asian wife looking for well hung experience. possibly black male. Must be gentlemen and respectful. Real couple here, no gay action though husband will be present. This is the wife, what would you do to me when I see you. Tell me how you like to do it and what kind of lingeri you like me to wear.
Real couple here:
asian wife almost ready (more…)

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