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1 night in Paradise

Greetings Ladies my name is HenLuvNine and I am looking for a woman to join me on March 14th 2015 at the St George hotel. what happened was I made plans to have a spectacular evening with a romantic night on the town of New York City Dinner, cocktails, movies, picnics in central park and a night of passion I made all arrangements (hotel,restaurants, picnics) but my date cancelled and I still want to make this happen I am 50 yrs old healthy DD FREE and looking for the same if you wanna have fun please feel free to contact me direct or

1 718 9zero9 3zero64 please it will be fun I promise
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Sexy Asian Wife is Attracted to Black Men

My sexy Asian wife and I had this silly conversation about which celebs we would love to have sex with. The 5 or 6 celeb women I mentioned are racially all over the board. I love women of all colors! The eight or so celeb men she mentioned had one thing in common. They are all Black! I said that I didn’t know she had a thing for Black men because she never dated one before. She said it’s a relatively new attraction but loves Black men for many reasons! Wow!

I have to admit, that was an exciting conversation! I wouldn’t mind watching her have sex with one or two Black men. I know she would love it! What do you all think of her?
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