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Bulls Wanted to mate and dominate wife

Pretty 22 year old wife,is obssessed with black men.Wants to be dominated and gangbanged by upto 5 guys.

Interested to hear back from Bulls and what they would like her to do for them. She wants 1+ black guys for multiple fun, let us know your thoughts.. Bulls Wanted to mate and dominate wifeBulls Wanted to mate and dominate wifeBulls Wanted to mate and dominate wifeBulls Wanted to mate and dominate wife

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15 thoughts on “Bulls Wanted to mate and dominate wife

  1. your hubby should be very lucky. I wish you were my wife and I get to see you with black guys. Good luck

  2. My team & I would absolutely LOVE to show her the ropes….and handcuffs and blindfolds and, most of all, BIG BLACK DICK! it’s all just a matter of how much action the lady is prepared for.

  3. I would love to have her spit on my Dick and suck it then take it all the way into her throat…she can gag or whatever But she must jeep sucking my meat with a spitty mouth
    Putting my meat down her throat with spit over and over
    After that it is time for some ass to mouth ass to mouth ass to mouth…until nut and cum is injectedin her mouth or ass…
    Next Its more deep spittty throat…and finally some of her spendid Pink Tight wett pussy….I want to cum in her pussy mouth and ass…
    Then it is time for me to suck lick kiss her clítoris pussy hole and ass hole and drink her cum and squirt nut.
    Suck her toes and preasure her g spot at the same time…
    Then repeat the procesa over and over till we think of somethin else.
    Thats my visión after seeing her beautiful slutty self…

  4. does your hot wife prefer her guy to only be deep dark, ebony toned, muscular and of course hung for the real “black” experience and the stark, erotic contrast? if she does post me

  5. When a wife becomes obsessed with black men, it’s a sure sign she’s prime material for bulls to take her in hand and make her into the BBC slut she desires to be. This sexy lady looks like she has the potential to be a great one.

  6. If you are ever in Denver , I would love to see you guys . I think your wife is absolutely breathtaking , She oozes sex and sensuality !!! You are a lucky man . I am a very successful man , and I dream of having a woman like yours !!! Knowing that she is taking a Black Cock deep inside of her , and then coming home to me is incredibly exciting !!!

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