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5 thoughts on “Black to white

  1. Little white dick gets to masturbate if its single. If it’s in a relationship, it’s probably locked up.

  2. This is one of those pictures that don’t tell the whole real truth. My gf Beth was a “slut.” She was sexually experienced and gloriously promiscuous. I was okay with that, as long as I got my share of her. And while she said her first black guy was “huge” (which was why she wanted to fuck him), other ones later were smaller than some of her white men.
    There’s a myth going around and around about BBC, and a lot of people seem to key into it for fantasy pleasure. Well, good for them. I’ve got the truth from my gif, and she’s got the truth from her real-life experience.
    Just remember, everybody,ideology and fantasy are not the same as reality .Sheer size is not the total “it.”

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