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BBC cum on her face

Wow! This video is so hot. My tiny white cock is so small and shriveled compared to that bbc. There’s no way I can ever get a girl as pretty as her. BBC really is beautiful. I love the cumshot.

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21 thoughts on “BBC cum on her face

  1. Any women wanting something like this, I got what you need. I will bang the hell out of you and give you screaming orgasms until you pass out.

    Any white dudes, wanting their girl to be pleasured by a professional, holla at me too.

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  2. The only thing that might be prettier than that girl’s face is that magnificent pole she has the honor to slurp until he decides she needs a nice application of moisturizer

    1. Hi ANDREAS – yea i agree with you . Thats a pretty face and a perfectly formed cock. i loved his shooting his thick gooey cum in her eye. good luck,little shannon.

      1. My white girfriend developed another trick. She’d suck the cock orally until the man was ready to cum. Then she’d put one nostril on the cockhead and pinch the other one shut, and thus suck him off. Some men thought this kind of “nose job” was kinda kinky, but it was a novelty they’d enjoy thinking about the rest of their lives. As for my gf, she said the sperms were a great way to avoid congestion during pollen season.
        Where does an otherwise normal girl get a raunchy idea like this? Try reading “Doc Holliday’s Woman” about his girlfriend Big Nose Kate, who also had an affair with Wyatt Earp, who set her up to work in a whorehouse alongside his wife. That’s how white women won the West.

  3. She sacrificed and did that for the camera. I can’t imagine her really wanting to pull that cock out of her mouth when he’s cumming.

  4. and he could of probably kept going, notice how he didn’t instantly go limp like you white boys always do, useless. My man can cum on my face, then hammer my pussy.

  5. Ohhh Yummmmmm.. Luv the Both of Them.. She is Soo Hottt and I Luv his Blk Cock and Tasty Load of cummmmmm.. My Size QOS ex s Blk b/fs would paint my face with their Awesome Huge Loads then the ex would use their Cock to wipe it up & feed it All to me .. And other times cummmm balls Deep down my Throat .. She Luved Fuckin those Awesome Fat Heavy Blk Cocks ,, But Hated suckin them & even more soo Hated the Taste of cummmmmm… To which I Luv cummmmm & Luv suckin Blk Cock …

  6. To me, it’s all about the Black man’s orgasm. His moans of pleasure.

    That drives me NUTS with excitement.

    I like the blonde honey’s titties, I love that she takes the nut on her face. But a pretty face? I’d have to disagree with pretty.

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