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Looking for fun in NC

HI community,

Im just a 24 year old recent college graduate looking for fun throughout the North Carolina area..I am 6’0, 180, lbs, in shape, and very well endowed (9.5"). I am a very well mannered, respectful individual. If anyone is interested drop me an email at, look forward to hearing from everyone.Looking for fun in NC (more…)

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My first time with a black guy; He was an American basketball player with a huge cock.

My girlfriend Rachel had been telling me about a black American basketball player that she’d been dating. When she took him home for the first time and he pulled out his big black cock she was stunned at the size of it. It was so huge that it actually scared her. She refused to have sex with him but gave him a head job.
The week after she had taken me out night clubbing and introduced met to him and he made a pass at me and I refused and told him I was married. He then said if I change my mind the offer was always there.
A week later we were out clubbing and after having a few drinks and dancing we were leaving the club he approached me and asked if I wanted to go home with him. Me being very intoxicated and curious I changed my mind and went back to his place.
After getting back to his place we were sitting in the lounge and he pulled down his pants and whipped out his huge cock. I could see what Rachel was scared about, it was extremely big.
We started making out in the lounge and then went into his bedroom where he fucked me doggy style on his bed.His cock was huge I couldn’t take it all and he flipped me over and he finished me off fucking me while he was on top. He bursted his load and then round two came.
My first time with a black guy; He was an American basketball player with a huge cock.
Round two started back in the lounge room making out again he got me to sit on his cock and I fucked him on top on his lounge. I couldn’t take it all as his cock was long, huge and fat. I only managed to take it just over half way. Then he bent me over on the couch and gave me doggy style again. I was moaning because of the pain of his hard cock. I was thinking what have I got myself into. He flipped me around on my back and tried fitting all of his cock into my sore swollen pussy with me moaning while he was pounding me. He just about fit all his huge cock into me but not quite all of it. My moaning was turning him on so much he blew his load a second time round, this time on my pussy and stomach. Thats when he told me that not many women have taken on his huge cock, just the sight of his big black cock had scared and turned off a lot of women.
We went to sleep for a while and I woke to him rubbing and squeezing my ass and him rubbing his cock between my legs. He then hopped on top and started fucking me pounding my sore pussy. By this time I was in pain but enjoying the pounding. He flipped me over for doggy style, squeezing and grabbing my ass and thrusting me into him while giving me a good pounding until he blew his load inside me. He ended up going to sleep and I left. By that time hours had past and I left feeling satisfied with a sore beaten pussy.
When I got home I showered and was feeling very exhausted and tired. While I was in the shower my husband started questioning me about where I had spent the night. At first, I lied and told him that I got too drunk and slept at my friends house but he wasn’t convinced. He kept questioning me and eventually I caved and told him the truth. To my surprise he wasn’t so angry and was more interested in knowing the details. He pulled me into him and starting kissing me while feeling my ass and rubbing my pussy. He was being quite rough and kneeled down in front of me and starting licking and sucking my pussy while shoving his fingers inside of me. (more…)

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