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I was 22 when I had my first black cock

When I was 22 I was always curious about black guys. I happen to live in a place where a lot of black men lived. I was small white girl with pretty big dicks for my age. So come on I had to be wondering. Well one day we were having a lot of work done on our house. Well black workers happen to be working on it. My parents were at work. I was a only child and black workers around about 7 of them. Well I was just sitting up in my room. Jean shorts and a tank. Nothing special you know. Well two of them came up to me and asked me how old I was I said 22. They laughed and said your cute girl and walked away. Well the day went by and the workers left but the two that came up to me. Stayed to finish up some stuff. They came in the house after saying they were done. And I said okay thank you. Well I was turned around one of them came behind me. I felt something and it was his cock. The thing was huge! I didn’t know what to do. They both were way older than me. So I did what any white girl would do. I got on my knees like they said and I started sucking. Going deep in my mouth and in the side and gagging me. They got me naked and told me I had some big tits and I smiled. They laid me down. One went inside my pussy and next in my mouth. I couldn’t believe a young girl like me doing this. I was moaning and screaming because they were so huge and I was just a tight white girl. This went on for a good 2 hours. Of bending me over and all sorts of stuff. At the end the came on my face and in my mouth covering it all. Before they left the took a pic of me black cock in my mouth. It was a magical time I have to sayI was 15 when I had my first black cock (more…)

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Fuckme with your black cock – interracial sex

You see the white husband is kind and gentle to his wife when what she really wanted was to get FUCKED and fucked by a big cock and fucked rough and hard and fucked until she came screaming not caring which neighbors heard her cry oyt FUCKME WITH YOUR BLACK COCK

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Is your wife a black cock slut? Mine is! The only thing I could to is shoot some vids and pics and upload them to Personal Clips!!!Blonde hottie likes a bbc up her pussy

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