A good roasting

A good ‘roast’ is a girl is stolen from her white boyfriend/hubby and who eagerly takes huge black cock but is grateful afterwards and comes back for more…girls are splattered with sperm and photographed…The whole fashion is very close to organised mass cuckoldings and young black men look to emulate their heroes. I can tell you that in US there are many cute sluttle cocksuckers who attend ‘black music’ clubs in the hope of being ‘roasted’ by groups of black men most nights of the week and especially weekends when the many Yank militrary personnel come into town to party…I know as my girlfriend attends these clubs with her slutty friends, they dress like whores and compete to be ‘chickens’ to the best looking posses of guys on the prowl.

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Black cock training

I sent my wife to NY for white slut training 9 years ago. Eight black gentlemen put her through 10 days of submissive white wife, black cock training! Then they assigned her to a local bull, who took charge of our marriage and further training! She returns to Denver once a year for a refresher coarse ( in the art of black on white sexual service)

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10 + black guys with adonis bodies

We always had a fun sex life and I am not as small as you. I have a healthy 7″ and still want to fuck my beautiful young wife everyday. Problem is she is now used to 10″+ guys with adonis bodies and more stamina (and boasts about lovers who are TWICE my length and thickness banging her up the shitter! I have only seen 13″ or 14″ black guys on porn films, she is fucking them in our bed!)

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