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Thanks to her husband

My lover is white and we enjoy each other’s company a lot, both in bed and out. If she were not married, I would have asked her long ago – although if she were not married perhaps she would not let me enjoy her company as much. In other words, her marriage gives her the freedom to be with me. (Thanks be to her cuckold husband.)

her cuckold husband

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Please answer my two questions

I don’t mean to be rude, but there are a couple of questions I hope you all will be kind enough to answer for me.

1) – For the Lady: How did you feel when this man slide his Dick into you with your husband watching?

2) – For the Husband: How did it feel when you realized that this man was actually going to put his Dick in your wife?

I hope this is not too personal or rude.
Also, what do you think about my wife?

TNX, Ray
my slut wife

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My really beautiful wife needs an African cock!

First sorry for my English. I am married with my wife since 2007. She doesn’t like me because as she says I am a little dick asshole. She says that she is still with me because i serve her and i pay whatever she wants to buy.What she really needs is to have rough sex with a wild black man in front of me to show me how a real man fucks. She likes to feel huge black dick in all her holes like a slut. SOMETIMES SHE TELLS ME THAT SHE HAS FANTASIES OF BEING FUCKED WITHOUT MERCY BY BIG COCKED AFRICAN.
If you want to be my wife’s lover and see her connect with me

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Here is a hot little poem I wrote for a white wives who love black

If you love your husband you’ll make him need
to watch his wife receive my seed!
Arouse him till he begs you will
The fantasy he needs fulfilled!

Till he desperate aches to make you bad
With what you need but have not had.
He’ll fear you’ll see it turns him on
To see your inhibitions gone.

Say you’ll do it, but JUST for HIM!
And increase his NEED to see you sin!
Forbidden sex will ignite desire.
And his lust will burn when you start the fire!
fuck my wife 2

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That is Black power

It is a total eye-opener when you see your beloved being dug out or face fucked by some black stud who is really hung and well built so he is totally in control of her and she is lusting after him. That is Black power and these guys know exactly how to treat an eager slut who is will literally do anything to please him!

black power 1black power (more…)

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