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A dominant black Bull with one of his many cocksucking bitches…the smile on her cute slutty face tells you soon she’ll have her greedy tongue wrapped round her Master’s swollen glans and tasting his rich, potent cum. She’s so proud to pose with a dong that is so much bigger than her fuckin’ head! Lucky black cock lovin’ ho!

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His black cock is so big.

Oh dear, I’m not nervous at all right now. His cock is so big, and it feels so soft, and hard at the same time. I don’t think I could keep my mouth off of it even if I wanted too! This is so worth waiting for! I’m so excited – dear, look at my nipples! They’re hard for him – my black master ever! Oh I want to do this so good. I want him to want to fuck my sweet little mouth every day, ok dear?

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