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Fisrt time bbc in hotel (true story)

My blonde wife had tight pussy, a virgin asshole, she is beautifull : B cups, wonderfull ass, long legs, natural blonde long hair. She has always been a true girl and in the bed not so hot, she like missionary and sometimes doggy, no anal and few cold blow job . I like to lick pussy and she was a bit ashamed to get it. Moreover short dress only at seaside on holiday and no sexy lingerie. I have always dreamed about sexy situation and public, but no way with her.
this summer we were on holidayin a big hotel.I have ask for a game, (thinking she was answering as usual “NOT possible”), I ask her to fuck doggy but she has on the bed, naked, with eyes covered and hearphone with music. ? i was surprise thet she has accepted ! so I ask her to be doggy on the bed, with the door of the room behind us. When she was in that position Islowly move to the door and I left the door a bit open to allow people to see us, I was excited about the fact to be seen fucking without my wife know it.
my hot wifemy hot wife
So I start to massage the bums and during this time somebody look in and went away, three people has had a look in and then gone away then when I was starting fucking my wife I heard somebody at the the door, I turn my head and i have seen a black male aroud 40 ears old, good looking that was looking at us wanking his cock so I do nor know why but I invite him in the room whispering him not to speak.

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MY Hubby loves watching me fuck black cock, I love getting it from behind!

I’ve had black lovers for the last 9 yrs now, and hubby allows it. He is always with me, because he likes watching. We are very much in love, and if he is going to allow me to have sexual fun while he watches, then I’m going to have as much fun as I can.

Hot housewife have fun with her black lover

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Eat the blonde pussy and then have her do her job!

Finally got my wife Tina to take on a black man while out at a hotel lounge a few months ago. We had a room and there, we had struck up a conversation with an older handsome black man that came over to our table and introduced himself. I invited him to sit with us and as the lounge was closing I aksed him to our room for a nite cap. Tina was pretty tipsy and once in the room we shared a half empty bottle of wine with Walter. Half way through our glass of wine Tina asked me to go to the store and get another bottle. I said I would be back in about 45 minutes, as the store was some distance away. When I arrived back to the room it was dim, and Walter said he had to get going, as it was late. I was really let down at that point, and showed him out. I climbed on the bed with my wife and asked her if all was ok, to which she started kissing me.amatuer interracial cuckoldamatuer interracial cuckold (more…)

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What her to be like me

This is my college roommate, fresh from the farm country. She’e a freshmen and I trying to trick her into getting fucked by a black cock. I thought maybe bring her to house party, get her a little drunk, then have her get grinded while freak dancing. I’ll make sure she wears a short skirt. She’s a little nieve.
Any ideas.

white girl loves blacks

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