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What I love most is listening to my wife groaning and moaning as her black lover fucks her . It turns me on most to see he body writhing and shaking with lust as she cums over and over. The ultimate to is look at her cunt oozing with creamy cum after her lover has fucked.

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Tammy’s jamaican awaking – interracial cuckold story

My wife Tammy was a pretty conservative girl. She was not the real church type and she had certainly had her fun in her day but married and being 34 she was not the fiery and sexual type that she was in her twenties. Guess two kids and life will do that to you. Our sex life had gotten pretty stale despite buying sex toys, porn and the like. And a little more about Tammy she is brunette she was definitely not the model type but her tits and ass made me horny and she turned more heads then she knew with her nice curves. Compared to many of my coworker’s wife’s I felt like I had the real catch. One of my fantasies was to watch her have sex with another man whom had a bigger package than my 5″ penis. The image of her getting it on with another guy turned me on I loved watching her do anything be it shower play with her toys or just see her in her sexy underwear. I had told her about this fantasy and she had gone back and forth if it was something she would do or would want to do.
During my discussion with her I told her about the nude beaches in Jamaica. At first the idea did not take with her but after a while she opened up to the idea and liked the thought of going to a party kind of place. I figured this might also offer an opportunity to share her with another hung guy. After all the men in Jamaica are known for being good lovers. We had talked about having a threesome while on vacation but she continued to tell me how she only loved my dick despite her loving having sex with her sex toys which easily doubled the size of my cock. By the time the trip approached she was still up in the air if she was interested in trying on some local hung Jamaican so only time would tell.
After months of waiting the week finally came. No matter what happened that week any week in the Caribbean was better than a week at the office. After arriving in Jamaica we took a shuttle to our hotel. The drivers in Jamaica drove like bats out of hell and we were thankful to get to our hotel without incident. After checking in we were escorted to our room by the bell hop named Tomas. He was a 20 something guy with skin as dark as night and a strong build. He referred to Tammy as “pretty lady” this made her blush but she gladly flirted back. After unpacking Tammy and I wanted to check out the beach bars and dinning. We agreed to stick to the non nude beach first as she was not sure she was ready to bear all herself just yet. Before we made it 100 feet from our room a server asked us if we would like a drink. We took our Pina Coladas and continued our tour of the place. The water was beautiful and the grounds were nice but not overwhelmingly stunning. We had finished our first drink and decided to have another. There were only a few people on the non nude beach to our surprise but we could hear a lot of people on the other side of the wall that separated the two beaches. To my surprise Tammy asked “Do you want to go over to the nude side it sounds as if a lot of people are having fun?” I played it down but with great anticipation on the inside agreed to go check out the nude beach. (more…)

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Hot cuckold interracial movie

My wife has cucked me for years (just before getting married) but she is actually submissive and likes “size”. She likes it a bit rough. She is not into pain but likes nasty, sweaty, trash-talking, “your husband is sitting right there and you can’t stop, can you?” sex. She prefers hung black studs.

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