BBC for my wife – first time interracial sex stories

Hi guys/girls, this is 100% true just so everyone knows.
we have spoke about swinging/dogging/3somes etc for about a while now, join a few websites etc and had alot of fun with it.
first time interracial sex stories
we had never met anyone before (come close a few times but nothing ever happened.), anyway… at her work there is a few guys that think she is hot. she says she doesnt fancy any of the guys but loves the attention. they are all polite while perving at her nothing distasteful.
There is one guy who has taken a real liking to her and is constantly telling her how hot she is and how much he would love to shag her. (we will call him ‘L’) he is about 5,9 black guy nothing out of the ordinary, she loves teasing him because she know he loves it as she has seen the shape of his dick in his pants. (more…)

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She needs bbc… bring her more

Honey, you have to understand, I want in be black’s bitch. He’s shown me that I’m supposed to worship bulls. That my place is on my knees before them begging for honor of tasting their cum and letting them use all my holes. Please accept this honey. I want you to remain my husband, just know that from now on , I’m black’s property.

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