Why our white girlfriends dream about blacks – interracial cuckold gangbang – Part 2

New Letter from our blog reader Bruno
I hope there are no black babies just yet as my slutty cocksucking g/f is already costing me a fortune! She is greedy, heartless skank who lives to be ravaged by black cock but I still love her. She is on the pill and although only allows her bulls to ride her bareback, almost always these guys empty their heavy gonads on her face. interracial cuckold gangbangThe girl is 5’3″ and I have seen guys stretch her sphincter to widths that would take a rolling pin…almost like they want tof**king destroy her intestines infont of me! Anal sex I have only seen in porn films and I noticed as a young guy that well hung black studs particularly relish this and are more adept at it…always with begging white women! My own girl is also face f**ked mercilessly…a couple of guys made her gobble BOTH balls by feeding her one then the other…and holding her nose! My poor babe looked like Dizzie Gillespie! Incerdible.

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Why our white girlfriends dream about blacks – interracial amatuer cuckold

Letter from our blog reader Bruno
According you my girlfriend who is is a very slutty blond german and 23years old (I am 36 and english and have been cuckolded by her for past 2 years, exclusively with huge black men, mainly army personnel stationed here), the main attraction apart from their sheer male potency (well built muscular, more stamina, much bigger c*cks/testicles and according to her much tastier, thicker and much more copious semen) is ARROGANCE/EGO. interracial amatuer cuckoldShe and her college pals like nothing better than be treated like whores and wantonly degraded by prosmiscuous black guys that they pick up in certain clubs/bars…many young german girls here buy the whole hardcore rap/R&B thing promoting black guys who are dominating and have greater sexual prowess.

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For black cock use only – amature interracial wives!

How come you love sloppy seconds so much? She has just gotten home from getting fucked by her black lover. All night you waited with your dick in your hand, imagining how her pussy was getting filled with another man’s cum. As you’re sliding your dick in and out of her, it is so warm, loose, soft, and sloppy. You can see his cum on your dick as you pull out. That’s enough to make you blow your load.

My wife bred by black man in wedding night, I was too drunk

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Well done “shawdog”, these white housewives have some of the sweetest pussies – Free amature interracial porn

Look at their facial expressions. Her pussy must be giving a great job milking his cock and his is trying to not cum immediatly to make the best of the situation. Her womb is thirsty for his black semen. She knows everything about pleasing a black cock. He is loving what she is doing for him. Housewives are fantastic lovers.
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Need good looking professional black guy – cuckold interracial black cock for my white wife

For several years I have had a powerful urge to see my lovely wife enjoying sex with a hung black guy. She loves the fantasy, but has always said that she could not actually do it. But now I sense a change of heart and am sure that the right black guy in the right circumstances would tempt her. She has developed the desire to try it, but is still hesitant. I am sure that once the ice has been broken she will be very responsive and absolutely love it. I am very keen to make contact with someone I am confident she will be attraqcted to. If I am lucky someone reading this who fits the bill will respond and start the ball rolling. Wife is early 30’s but looks and acts younger. Still slim, very fit, smart, elegant, classy and genuinely attractive. Also easy to talk to and get on with.
cuckold interracial black cock for my white wife

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Such a busy white girl – interracial gang bang

It’s OK, honey. I know you arranged for Jason and Marcus to use my body for the evening. Unfortunately, my period came a little early, so I hope you don’t mind, but the guys are just going to fuck me in the ass all night instead. I promise, I’ll still make them cum inside me. I’ll bring it home for you.

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I gave my wife to a black friend on out wedding night

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