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Again, I did as she commanded – sliding myself into her for an inch or so, then pausing a moment before withdrawing slightly to make sure I stayed properly lubricated with her oils before pressing in again. I was per haps half way in her when I heard her soft This is so sexy – I can see it and feel it at the same time! I continued to ease my way into her, and her eyes never wavered from where my manhood was slowly disappearing into her hot, wet channel.

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The head of his dick now rested on the entrance of my pussy. I moaned. I wanted more. He took a deep breath and slammed his dick into me. Holy mother  fucking shit. He relished the feeling of my tight wet pussy engulfing his entire dick. He was anything but gentle, exactly the way I unknowingly wanted it. He kissed me and thrust his dick  out and back in with incredible force. I moaned so loud, my eyes fluttering closed. He gently pressed back into me. Mmmm, his face flashed with pure ecstasy. I pushed my hips up to meet his and he smiled. I felt my muscles tighten and my pussy clench on his dick. I opened lips and his  cock erupted into my mouth. Most of the hot cum spilled onto my face and chin.

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Mmmmmmm, that s good!!! she sighed as he let his tongue roam along her wet slit. Ooooooohala, she moaned as her pussy exploded in a stunning string of orgasms. He in one motion pulled down his pants and under shorts, leaving his hard cock standing in front of the bitch’s hot pussy!!! “Ohhhhhh,” she sighed while giving him a mini hand job, I love this!!!” She gave his hard cock a nice long suck, but it was short lived, because seconds later, she was feeding his manhood directly into her fuck slot!!! “Oooooomph,” she grunted as his thickness filled her to the brim, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me hard, just like that!!!” “Oh my girl” he panted, “now let me fuck you!!!” He rammed his cock into her cunt very hard, until he finally blew his load deep inside of her, and wringing  one more orgasm!!!
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We kissed each other passionately, our clothing gradually coming off as well. My sweet girl rubbed down and up my cock, and then I felt something on my balls. It was cool, and encircled both of my big guys. She pressed it against me. My balls tightened. Do you like that? she asked. She pumped a few more times until I felt the blood being sucked into my balls. It felt good, until she pumped a few more times she heard me moan and stopped, knowing that I was in slight pain. She said, Now you re ready to make me come. Im gonna tell you what to do, and if you do well I wont pump anymore.
She asked me what I wanted. I told her I really need a blowjob. Still looking down at my black dick she softly said “Ok” (more…)

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“I grabbed his cock with suction from my mouth. I fondled his heavy balls. The next moment I felt a thick wave of warm and sour liquid running into my mouth. I was shocked by this discovery. I had never tasted precum before. His balls began to draw closer to his thighs, a sign that his orgasm was imminent. I intended to milk him dry. I sucked and licked him lovingly, while stroking his balls. (more…)

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Hey guysInterracial cum shots for you. I was being pushed into heaven it felt so good. I barely had looked at the his face when his head was throw back and his hips thrust suddenly forward and his cock pushed against the roof of my mouth. Suddenly at the very back of my throat I could feel a large gob of cum there, I had no choice and swallowed instantly, there wasn’t even a taste.

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